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The Department of Criminology is a research and teaching unit at the University of Dhaka. Founded in 2013 the department’s faculty and students study crime, order and security from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and theoretical approaches.

With backgrounds in sociology, history, law, psychology, philosophy and political science, the department is actively engaged in national and international criminological research. The Department of Criminology conducts research and teaching activities that focus on the causes, manifestations, and consequences of criminal behavior; methods of controlling criminal behavior; and the relationships and interactions between law, social structure and cultural practices. Courses include overviews of principles of sociology and law, forms of criminal behavior, legal and criminal theory, victimology, and regulatory issues.

The Department of Criminology, University of Dhaka is recognized as one of the nation’s top programs in criminology and criminal justice. The Department aims to prepare both undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in criminal justice and related fields. Students who complete our programs are also well prepared to pursue advanced professional degrees. We offer a highly selective PhD and MPhil programs designed to train the next generation of scholars in criminology and social-legal studies.