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Application Form for Masters Program in Criminology and
Criminal Justice- 2016-2017
has been closed  

Masters Program

Admission Process
The Masters program accommodates 55 places in one intake a year. The University of Dhaka operates equal opportunities policies regarding intake to ensure that there is no bias in selection in terms of gender,ethnicity, religion or any other social categories. Therefore, an admission test will be conducted to measure the competency of the applicants in Masters program in Criminology. The admission test consists of two executive stages: written test(100marks) and viva voce (100marks).

Who can apply?
Admission is open to individuals, ether Bangladeshi or foreign nationals who have at least a Bachelor degree with honors and/or Masters degree from any discipline. Criminal justice professionals and related practitioners (eg, academia, police, defense, court, prosecution, prison, probate, social work) having the above mentioned qualifications are encouraged to apply, Candidates are expected to hold a good proficiency in English as the medium of instruction of the program is English


First Year Honors Program:

The University of Dhaka opens First year Honors admission once in a year through unit-system examinations. For details, visit http://www.du.ac.bd/admission.php