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Undergraduate Courses

The BSS in Criminology is a four year, semester-based degree programme. It focuses on issues such as: the motivations behind criminal or deviant behaviour; contemporary methods of policing; the workings of the criminal justice system, and policy development and practice around these key issues. You will have the opportunity to study criminology from a range of perspectives: social, legal, political, anthropological and psychological.

Course structure

1st Year 1st Semester
CRM 111 Introduction to Criminology
CRM 112 Principles of Sociology
CRM 113 Bangladesh Society and Culture
CRM 114 English Language

1st Year 2nd Semester
CRM 121 Introduction to Policing
CRM 122 Fundamentals of Law
CRM 123 Psychology of Criminal Behavior
CRM 124 Theories of Crime
CRM 125 Micro-macro Economics

2nd Year 1st Semester
CRM 211 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRM 212 Criminal Investigation: Methods and Techniques
CRM 213 Statistics for Criminology I
CRM 214 The Penal Code, 1860
CRM 215 Elementary Mathematics

2nd Year 2nd Semester
CRM 221 Research Methods in Criminology I
CRM 222 Fundamentals of Forensic Science
CRM 223 Introduction to Victimology
CRM 224 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
CRM 225 Criminal Law and Procedure
CRM 226 Major Issues in Penology and Correction

3rd Year 1st Semester
CRM 311 Research Methods in Criminology II
CRM 312 Political Economy of Crime and Punishment
CRM 313 Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice II
CRM 314 The Evidence Act, 1872
CRM 315 Criminal Courts and Sentencing (Elective)
CRM 316 Police Management and Administration (Elective)
CRM 317 Security Practice and Management (Elective)

3rd Year 2nd Semester
CRM 321 Issues of Development and Crime
CRM 322 Comparative Criminology
CRM 323 Offender Treatment: Theories and Methods
CRM 324 Women, Crime and Social Policy
CRM 325 Crime against Humanity and Genocide

4th Year 1st Semester
CRM 411 Local and Global Terrorism
CRM 412 Organized Crime and Corruption
CRM 413 Drugs, Crime and Society
CRM 414 Violence, Crime and Movements (Elective)
CRM 415 Crime Mapping (Elective)
CRM 416 Hate Crime (Elective)

4th Year 2nd Semester
CRM 421 Cyber Crime and Information Technology
CRM 422 Crime Prevention and Private Security
CRM 423 Environmental Criminology
CRM 424 Human Rights and Law Enforcement (Elective)
CRM 425 Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice (Elective)
CRM 426 Research Monograph
CRM 427 Comprehensive and Viva Voce


Post-graduate Course

The Masters program in Criminology provides a variety of challenging courses in the theoretical and practical aspects of crime and criminal justice. The duration of the program is one year which is divided into three trimesters. Apart from the courses, students may undertake a thesis in the last trimester.

Course Structure

1st Trimester
Seminar in Criminology
Contemporary issues in Policing and Law Enforcement
Research in Criminology
Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice

2nd Trimester
Seminar in Criminal Justice
Crime Prevention
Victim issues and Criminal Justice System
Politics and Crimes
Current issues in Violence, Terrorism and Security Studies
Law and Society
Youth and Crime
Non-traditional Security Issues

3rd Trimester
Major Issues in Punishment and Corrections
Forensic and Crime Prevention
Communities and Crime
Drugs, Corporate and Organized Crime
Development and Crime
Virtual Interaction and Cyber Crime